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Analytical Ultracentrifugation (AUC) Images
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This Beckman Coulter XL-A analytical ultracentrifuge has been fitted with a fluorescence detector.
This fluorescence optical system is part of the AU-FDS (Analytical Ultracentrifuge Fluorescence Detection System) developed by CAMIS (the Center to Advance Molecular Interaction Science). The system is currently available through Aviv Biomedical. This system offers picomolar sensitivity, a dynamic range of several decades, and fluorescent selectivity. See our tutorial section for instructions on running a sedimentation velocity run with this system.
The AU-FDS control box provides a computer interface for the system. The attached Windows PC runs the AOS software (Advanced Operating System) by Tom Laue which provides a graphical user interface for controlling the AUC and recording data.
This is an example of a cell for an AUC sedimentation velocity run. Such cells and associated parts are available from Spin Analytical, Inc.
More information on the Beckman Coulter analytical ultracentrifuge can be found on the Beckman Coulter webpage at

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